Lectures & Workshops

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As a music educator, Steve teaches contemporary improvisation and jazz piano in the Faculty

of Music at York University and Musical Entrepreneurship at Centennial College.   In addition,

he presents lectures and master classes internationally which focus on a variety of topics;

Development of Improvisation Tools & Musical Self Expression; Exploration of Music Inspired by

Visual Arts – Graphic Notation and Composition; Motivational workshops designed to help inspire

young musicians and artists in their career development.

Steve Koven has presented lectures at the  Shanghai Conservatory – Shanghai China;  Beijing

Music Institute – Beijing China;  Universidad de Nacional – Bogota Colombia;  Barbados

Community College – St James Barbados; Bahamas Performing Arts Society – Grand Bahamas;

University de Monterrey, Monterrey Mexico;  Kalidiscope School for Education – University of

Toronto, Toronto Canada;  Brock University – St Catherines, Canada;  Brandon University

Brandon Manitoba; York University – Toronto, Canada.  In addition, Steve has presented a

TEDx Talk at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario


Lecture Topics:

  1. Music Inspired by Visual Art – Graphic notation and composition
  2. Thinking Outside the Box – Development of improvisation tools and musical self expression
  3. My Story – A career in music
  4. Blues & Boogie Piano – demonstration
  5. Improvisation: Piecing Together Music & Life


*I was one of the students in the Music Ed group you came to talk to at Brock University. I have to say that you are by far the best speaker that we have had. You gave a lot of great information, stories, laughs and music. It was easy for me to relate to you and your stories. The feedback provided gave me a lot of insight. You provided enough information for me to think more about what I want to do with my music as well as making me think of things I have not thought of. So for that, I thank you. –Ashley Main


*I took your class at York University in 2005, in my third year and I really loved it! I felt is was one of the most relevant and necessary courses in the Fine Arts program.  I am still doing what I love today thanks to your inspiration. Thank you! -Trudy Gayle 


*I was present for your Music Ed. Plus lecture at Brock University yesterday. I was incredibly inspired by your advice because I felt you addressed very personal issues that spoke to me clearly. – Nick Cooper


* Steve’s style was open and relaxed and he encouraged participation from the audience at every turn.

– Matthew Royal (Chair of music, Brock University)